Today’s retail rebalancing is enabling a first-of-its-kind, broad base of long-term wealth creation. It’s about time.

While the 2010s may feel like a lifetime ago, their populist legacy lives on. From the transformation of the news (with Twitter and Medium vying with CNN and The New York Times) to the evolution of the entertainment industry (with TikTok and Clubhouse taking share from E! and iHeartRadio), the people have taken their seats at the proverbial table and are ensuring that their voices are heard. With such shifts, we’ve witnessed decentralized and democratized content creation and culture curation dislodge incumbent tastemakers’ stronghold over our time and attention.

Yet, the world is only just waking up to one the…

Why courage should define the next generation of venture capitalists.

In my quietest moments, I am often abruptly shaken by a screaming inner voice: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! I find myself beginning to fall into the rabbit hole that I know all too well, the one with questions like Are you doing enough? and Who are you to X? written all over the wall. Call it anxiety or imposter syndrome, but I want it gone pronto. Accordingly, I begin desperately digging for a win because of the perceived satisfaction of an immediate achievement. But am I solving for a short-term solution or a long-term legacy?

Success as We Know It

Rising through the ranks during…

The Who, What, When, Where & Why to Saving for Retirement

Some mornings, I wake up to the sound of my retired father making coffee downstairs (Yes, I am 28 and still living at home with my parents) and ask myself — how? After four decades managing his own optometry practice in rural North Carolina, the jolly guy lives virtually stress-free. Mind boggling.

You know what’s even crazier? This could be you.

With a few “set it and forget it” strategies, you too can set yourself up for retirement no lottery wins required.

Intrigued? Okay, let’s make this dream…

Why It Matters & What to Do About It

My feelings towards my credit score are similar to my relationship with my weekly screen time report. While I know the numbers are accurate and reflective of my own behavior, I fear what they say about me. Sound familiar? If so, I suggest you keep reading…

Instead of hiding from this reflection, I encourage you to face it head on. Why? Because a strong credit score can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime.

Yes, that’s multiple Teslas in your garage or trips to Mykonos…

Why you should reclaim control of your finances & how I can help.

First and foremost, WELCOME 💸💸 I’m Meera and I truly appreciate the digital drop by!

Now that we’re past the niceties, let’s get down to business. We have a problem when it comes to our finances. Today, 73% of Americans rank their finances as their #1 stress in life and 40% go so far as to say that consistent money management limits the extent to which they can enjoy their day-to-day life. As usual, younger generations are bearing the brunt of it. Nearly 2 in 3 millennials…

How might we design a better toolkit for professional transformation in this new world?

While looking up at our screens for the ninth Zoom meeting, down at our leggings storing a few too many DoorDash deliveries, and back at the door separating us from the rowdy roommates mere feet away, many of us are left asking Why? Upon entering the workforce, millions of GenZennial knowledge workers dreamed of opportunity and recognition, yet our current remote reality has left many of us with a sense of stagnation and anonymity. …

Millions more Americans are in financial distress today. It’s time to rewrite the personal finance playbook, with purpose.

2020 has led many, myself included, to question their social, moral and financial foundations. Thriving adults have moved back into their parents’ homes (fortunately for me, I never actually left…). Friendships have fractured as stances toward a resurgent social justice movement increasingly bear on our social standing. More pressingly, millions of employees have lost their jobs due to macroeconomic factors beyond any of our wildest imaginations. After these explosions, however, the sparks of fresh, early stage innovation glimmer.

A renewed emphasis on community, collaboration and change offers hope after the wreckage of 2020. As we seek to rebuild the foundations…

Can connection, compassion, and community cure our digitally distracted mindsets?

As thousands of acres of California heartbreakingly burn around me, I think back to 1992.

My parents had just moved to Carolina Circle, a suburban street in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Like too many Californians today, they received the call — the roof was on fire (and not in the Rock Master Scott kind of way). Too shocked to grieve, they began nervously calling neighbors for answers — and received so much more. Shelter from some, offers of advice from many others. Over the following six months, the neighborhood came together to support them, enabling my parents to move back…

Why the next great consumer company will be a health-focused platform.

My Christmas List in 2009: Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur (UGGs)

My Christmas List in 2019: Apple Watch and biome testing kit (Viome)

Might my move from North Carolina to Northern California have played a role in this evolution? Perhaps. However, the more powerful force behind this shift was my increasingly holistic approach to health.

We have always known that while health journeys frequently begin with doctor’s orders, they extend far beyond the physician’s office. For years I viewed my healthcare and health habits as existing in independent orbits, centered around me but with infrequent overlap. Recently…

Dissecting dopamine’s dominance on consumer decision-making.

Heading into week eight of my 2020 quarantine, I broke.

I could not keep my hand out of a box of Milk Bar cookies, struggled to keep my Oura sleep score above disheartening levels, and felt meh. Was I coming down with COVID-19, our invisible enemy? Actually, no — I was losing a member of my “quaranteam,” a core pillar in my non-virtual life whom I’d come to depend on as a source of excitement, adventure…and dopamine. This realization led me to ask myself, “how else am I deriving fulfillment, and where are there opportunities for more moving forward?”

Meera Clark

Consumer Investor @ Obvious Ventures • Previously, Morgan Stanley x Stanford • Reach me @

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